Take a daily shot of Creative Detox

10 minutes a day, for 28 days

 Creativity is one of only three territories in which humans will stay ahead of robots.

By 2020, in the US alone, 5 million jobs will be replaced by Artifical Intelligence.* 

You already have Creativity within you.

Join us to Activate it.

At Activate® Creativity, we believe that Creativity is in us all; it's just a muscle that needs to be activated. Just like dieting, fitness, or meditation, Creativity can be strengthened, nurtured, and stretched thanks to practical and specific exercises. 

Activate® Creativity provides individuals worldwide daily injections of creativity through online workouts.  

10.28 Detox™, our latest program, is designed to bring creativity back into your everyday life -in just 28 days. 

Whether you want to restore balance to your daily routine, or warm-up your creative muscle to tackle bigger projects. 10.28 Detox™ gives you the daily kick to put you in the right mindset.

How 10.28 Detox™ Works

10.28 Detox™ requires a commitment of ten minutes a day, five days a week, for just four weeks.

From Monday to Friday, a creative exercise is sent to your inbox. It will take 10 minutes to complete. 

Every day, you follow your progress thanks to a daily tracker.  

You share your creative outputs on a safe and private community platform (Note: it’s not a Facebook Group).

And during the weekends, your creative muscle takes a break Just like with working out, rest is an essential part of the process.

New habits stick through time and repetition. The 10.28 Detox™ sequence is designed to support this principle.

Spend 10 minutes/day (time) for 28 days (repetition) on your creativity (target) to make it a habit (result). 

When Does It Start?

10.28 Detox™ starts every Monday! 

If you enroll today, no matter what time of the day or the day of the week it is for you, you will receive your first creative detox the following Monday and it will continue for the next 28 days. 

Is 10.28 Detox™ for Me?

Whether you're a banker or an artist, whether you know how to draw, write a poem or haven't held a pen in years, 10.28 Detox™
is for you

10.28 Detox™ works if you want to:

  • bring creativity back into your daily routine.
  • bring balance and oxygen to your working day
  • take a step different while everybody else is racing to take it a step further.

What You'll Need

  1. Access to an Internet connection
  2. A pen and a paper
  3. A commitment to take 10 minutes a day to exercise your creative muscle.

10.28 Detox™ can be completed from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Whether on a break at work, on your daily commute, or squeezing 10.28 Detox™ while your kids' nap, you can activate your creativity, daily with just 10 minutes.


7 Benefits Joining 10.28 Detox™

Make Creativity a Habit Again

Implement back the habit of daily creativity through time and repetition

A Platform to Share and Connect

Share your work in a safe and private space.

Ask & Give Feedback

An opportunity to practice
the art of asking and
giving feedback 

Bonus Exercises for your Habit to Stick

Bonus exercises to keep on
going once your detox is complete 

Program Investment : $77

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Track Your Progress

Use our Daily Tracker to follow your progression

No Art Skills Required

Have a pen, a paper, and the  Internet? That's all you'll need!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Done every creative shot but not feeling reconnected with your creativity? We reimburse you!

Take a Creative Detox for just $67

By going further you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the program.

Our PayPal is hosted by our partner MERITE INCENTIVES GENERAL TRADING LLC

About Us

Nathalie Sejean


After decades spent thinking creativity was a given, Nathalie went into a creative burnout. Refusing to believe this was over, she decided to understand what happened while reconnecting with her creative muscle. As she shared her journey self-healing and expanding her creativity, she met with many creatives who also struggled with burnout but didn't have the tools to take care of their creative injury. That's why she co-founded Activate® Creativity.

Joe Sejean


After Joe entered his professional career, he gradually stopped giving space to his creative side. Refusing to feed the story that "creativity and business don't need each other" he decided to activate his creative muscle again. As he shared his journey reconnecting with his creativity and its numerous benefits, he realized many of his working peers had the same desire but didn't know where to start. That's why he co-founded Activate® Creativity.

Activate® Creativity offers online programs dedicated to helping people reconnect, stretch and nurture their creative muscle.


"I don't know how to draw, is that going to be a problem?"
No. The creative shots are designed to activate your creativity regardless of your artistic skills. You don't need to be an "artist" to enroll in the program and, most importantly, to benefit from it.

"I don't own art supplies or equipment at home, and I don't want to buy anything."
Not a problem. If you've got a pencil and a paper, then you're good to go. 

"How does the program work?"
10.28 Detox™ is an online, self-paced program that starts every Monday.
We'll email you from Monday to Friday with a new creative exercise that will take 10 minutes to complete. Your job is to take those 10 minutes to do the creative exercise. You'll always be able to access your creative exercises via the program emails. We also include bonus exercises for you to continue activating your creativity well after the program is over.

"Is the program live?"
10.28 Detox™ is NOT a live program. You do not need to be online while completing your daily creative exercise and you can share it on our private platform whenever you have time. This is a self-pace program, you can block 10 minutes in your day whenever you want, and wherever you want.


"I enrolled but this is not a good time for me. Can I do it later?"
Of course. This is a creative detox program so we encourage you to complete the program in one-shot to ripe the full benefits. If you realize you won't be able to follow through after you enrolled, don't worry. You can wait for when the time is right, and complete the program then. You will always have access to the private group and will be able to share on it.

"Does this work for people who are not artists?"
Yes! Creativity is not the privilege of artists. We all have it in us and we all need it, today more than ever, to make a difference in our job and lead a happier life. 10.28 Detox™ is designed to challenge and activate your creativity, regardless of your profession, age, gender, race, nationality or other.


“Do I have to share my work?”
No. Sharing is entirely your call, but you need to know one thing. Creativity relies on 3 pillars: Time, Risk, and Sharing. If you don’t make time for your creativity, nothing will happen. If you never take the risk to explore beyond what you already know, you will not create something that did not exist before you dared to. Finally, for your creativity to fully exist, you need to share it with at least one person. Our private forum allows you to share with people who do the same program and understand what you are going through. Sharing will make the 10.28 Detox program a powerful and worthy experience.


"Am I going to receive a critique if I share my work?"
No. 10.28 Detox™ is about revealing the creativity in you not grading your art & craft skills. The private group is designed to give you support so you can experience the power of sharing your creativity in a safe space, even if it's not perfect. You will also discover the exercises of others and will be able to support them as well.


" I live in Australia/Colombia/Italy/Canada/Senegal/Vietnam is it going to be a problem?"
You can join the 10.28 Detox™ program from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an Internet connection, you will receive the creative exercises daily by mail, and you can access the private group at your convenience and as often as you want!


" Can I offer 10.28 Detox™ to someone?"

Yes! When you purchase the program, you have the opportunity to let us know if this is a gift for someone and who it is for! 


If you have any questions or concerns about the program, email us, we're happy to help: activatecreativity@mentorless.com